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The Croft Antiques Shop

‘In an alternate universe, decades ago, Lara Croft’s grandmother moved to China. Her inner desire to explore the continent has led to a marvelous collection of precious artifacts. Thus she had opened a small lil’ shop where she had been selling some of her collectibles. This scene is intended to present that place in real time 3d!‘
I’ve never been to the Asian continent, but I’ve always wanted to visit it. So this project was a ton of fun! I specifically chose this idea in order to have the chance to explore a great variety of materials, assets with more complex geo, lighting and composition. These areas are which I wanted to improve on. It was also a pleasant experience to somehow make a reference to the Croft family with a tiny little Easter egg. Hope you can hunt it down! ;)
The project is loosely based on this concept art as a reference for the layout of my environment:
I also used some ideas from the legendary Zhelong Xu as reference points for a few props; this one, for example:
The only external resource I used was the wood floor from the Megascans library. Although I tweaked it to a great extent and I made 4 different variations for vertex painting. Apart from that, everything is my creation.
Special thanks to Ryan Benno for helping me with his expertise during his online mentorship! I also wanna thank Jude Godin who guided during the early stages of the project. And finally, a big shootout to the members of the DiNusty and the ExperiencePoints discord community for their unwearying support!
Breakdowns are here:

Antiques Shop - UE4 Real-time environment